Rasmus Alex Wendt TRIPs in India

Rasmus Alex Wendt TRIPs in India


TRIPs in India is a political and institutional analysis of the change processes, brought about by requirements in the WTO TRIPs-agreement for stronger intellectual property protection (IPR) in India. The book map an important contemporary political process in India (1986-2005) and will especially cater for academics (and their students) in political science and globalisation studies who analyse the topic areas of political decision-making and conflicting interests between global and national political forces. The book will have interest as a comprehensive empirical work as well as... While the book presents an in-depth and unique analysis of the political processes leading to amendments in the Indian patent legislation and how the pharmaceutical industry has reacted to this, it is moreover a critical case describing how global governance, brought about by supra-state institutions, de facto impact upon political - and company decisions in one of the world’s major developing countries.

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Перова, Ольга Д., Барылкина, Лидия Петровна Зачетная тетрадь. Тематический контроль знаний учащихся. Окружающий мир 2 класс. ФГОС.

Пособие разработано в соответствии с ФГОС и составлено с учетом требований, предъявляемых программой по предмету Окружающий мир для учащихся начальной школы. Материалы пособия рекомендуется использовать...

Woolf V. The Waves. A Novel in English = Волны. Роман на английском языке

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