Aswin Kannan Nash Equilibria in Power Markets and Product Design

Aswin Kannan Nash Equilibria in Power Markets and Product Design


Rigorous mathematical analysis leads to strong existence statements on the games solutions. One of the influential contributions of this work is the modelling and addressing of generators shortfall risk. Variational tools are used for analysis and computation of equilibria. The algorithms are seen to scale very well on practical large networked settings like the Belgian grid. Convergent decomposition based first order algorithms are proposed. The Bertrand... The electricity market setting is modelled from multiple standpoints, all accounting for uncertainty. The latter deals with a classic Bertrand marketing problem in product design. The book considers in detail two primary applications of game theory. Different settings where the central operator is profit maximizing and revenue neutral are studied. The former refers to a networked power market setting with the competition characterized by the quantities. They also prove to be good alternatives to second order schemes.

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