Pringle, Les Call the Ambulance!

Pringle, Les Call the Ambulance!


He does this with humour and fortitude - two qualities which are essential if he is to cope with cases ranging from the absurd to the heart rending. Having survived the rites of passage as a probationer, Les Pringle now has to face up to the reality of life as an ambulance man in Thatchers Britain. Exploding pressure cookers, a thwarted wifes deadly revenge and transvestites in distress - manning an ambulance in the seventies kept you on your toes. From attending murder scenes to delivering babies ... its quite a life for Les, and one that he and his shift mates tread with warmth and humour in equal measure.

Анна Данилова Яд Фаберже

Юлия Земцова, владелица сыскного агентства, не верила своим глазам. Перед ней на столе лежали старинные украшения,...

The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science

The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science

Логинов С., Трускиновская Д., Колодан Д. и др. Темная сторона города

Геласимов А.В. Степные боги; Разгуляевка

«Степные боги» – это тонкое, лирическое обращение к нашей истории, ко времени конца Второй мировой войны. Без спекуляций и патриотических истерик, спокойно и...

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