Johannes Leth Dinitzen Sustainable Change

Johannes Leth Dinitzen Sustainable Change


The book takes a historical approach towards the notion of sustainability and the development of the term. Important steps in the development of the sustainability term is identified and analyzed in a Change Management perspective with an underlying discourse analytical focus. The analysis gives reason to examine Sustainability as a General Purpose Technology and as a possible driver of a Kondratiev wave. Based on this the book suggests how a positive Schumpeterian spiral that enables sustained competitive ... In order to give an idea of how to proactively navigate in a sustainability driven societal paradigm, the concept of Sustainable Value Innovation is used as a basis for an including elaboration of the previous findings of this book. The aim of this historical analysis is to identify corner stones and land marks in the development of the sustainability term in order to come up with a qualified statement regarding the future development of the term and its significance.

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