Muzaffar Mirzaev and Sundar Venkatesh Corporate Governance in Asia

Muzaffar Mirzaev and Sundar Venkatesh Corporate Governance in Asia


It also shows a method on how to manage and organize data collection on the board composition and compensation in the form of database, using a special spreadsheet is presented, which can be used further by... The results show that though the selected countries are different in terms of Corporate Governance (CG) practices, the top companies of these countries are converging in terms of board composition and compensation. The book explores the composition and compensation of Board of Directors (Board) of the largest companies in such five Southeast Asian countries as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. The book reveals the board characteristics of the top selected companies that help to understand their internal CG structures. It examines the board related rules and regulation of these countries. There is also evidence that top companies in a country with low CG score have board with better CG criteria than of those with high CG score.

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