Archana Tiwari Analysis of decoding technique for asymmetric channel

Archana Tiwari Analysis of decoding technique for asymmetric channel


The advantage of relatively lower traffic in one direction can be taken for using... The use of coding required the transmission of extra bits in satellite communication channel but this increase in bandwidth is associated with significant drop in power required to maintain the same standard of service in terms of bit error rate (BER) In asymmetric channel such as Internet data network, volume of data traffic in one direction in larger than in other direction. A satellite communication channel is generally power limited and this is particularly pertinent for VSAT systems where the small antenna places further constraints on exploitation of signal power in the link signal power requirements can be reduced while maintaining the name level of service coding techniques allows this is to be achieved by mathematically encoding of data before transmission such that, its some bits are received in error by the demodulation decoder may still be able to construct perfectly the transmitted data.

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