Jaya Lakshmi Parent-Teacher Relationship: Bridging The Gap

Jaya Lakshmi Parent-Teacher Relationship: Bridging The Gap


Issues of trust and expectations from one another also revealed high degrees of agreement. Findings showed that parents and teachers interacted regularly with each other and that there was consensus among them about the issues that they considered important for their children’s education. To fulfil the aim of the study ten teachers from two schools (five from each school) were selected. A semi-structured interview was conducted under the following head: Interaction patterns between teachers and parents, issues in trust and expectations that teachers and parents have from one another. Also ten parents of students attending the two schools were selected (five from each school). Some differences were found in the expectations that parents and teachers had from one another. A strong parent-teacher relationship is vital to making a child’s school experience a positive one. ... The aim of this study was to explore issues in parent-teacher relationship in the Indian schooling system.

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