Sanatan Ghosh Sustainable Land Resources Management

Sanatan Ghosh Sustainable Land Resources Management


The plateau fringe areas of West Bengal has diversified geological formation, landforms, soil characteristics and forest coverage that affect trends of humans and human environment. The main goal of land management is sustainability i.e.... Land resources study has emerged as a significant branch of an applied science as land focuses on dynamic relationship between abiotic and biotic components of the earth surface. Therefore, land is important resource today and also the source of conflict. Rural economy in India are predominantly agricultural based. Land is the mosaic of different land elements which are marked by changes over periods of geographical time. About 95% people of the World depend on land resources for their basic needs. The rapidly growing population and the aspiration of human being to have a better living condition have increased the pressure on land. These land elements are integrated through GIS and quantitative analysis to develop sustainable land management units.

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